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I am a blazing flame of light and creativity igniting love, joy and laughter in the hearts of humanity…I want to see the world on fire.
-Rachel Gallant

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About Joy beems

I am a blazing flame of light and creativity
igniting love, joy and laughter in the hearts of humanity.
I want to see the world on fire.
-Rachel Gallant


I was inspired to create Joybeems as a result of the ever evolving signs, wonders and Miracles I have witnessed throughout the past three years from a bee. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “What you are seeking is seeking you”?

The joy of the Bee has made it perfectly clear in it’s relentless, almost daily pursuit of showing up and opening my eyes and heart to messages of faith, hope, love, kindness, peace, gratitude, humility and more. Through nature and license plates. This ongoing extravaganza has changed my life in such a way that Joybeems effortlessly emerged from the illumination of my soul and the artistic flare from my steadfast, amazing friend, Holly Henshaw. As a result, I have been compelled to share these various expressions of joy through cards to start and with calendars and books to follow in the near future. It is my vision that Joybeems will  inspire and transform you and  the lives 

You share them with. 

If you’re looking for beauty out there, if you’re looking for light in the world, if you’re looking for beauty out there, Oh it’s you, it’s true.

– Wrabel

Rachel Gallant of Joy Beems

My Inspiration

As a four time qualifier of the Boston Marathon. I have run to raise money for the James Foley Legacy Foundation. A cause I feel very passionate about. However, I wanted to create a way to support Jim’s Legacy outside of this event. Therefore, a portion of all sales from Joybeems will be donated to the James Foley Legacy Foundation. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and explore how and why Joybeems was created.

“Every Great Dream
Begins a Dreamer.
Always remember,
You have within you
The Strength,
The Patience,
And the Passion
To reach for the
To Change
The World.” 
-Harriet Tubman


What Is The James Foley Legacy Foundation?

The mission of the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation is to advocate for and advance the safe return of Americans detained unjustly abroad.